Une conversation avec le duo Smith and Thell

Smith and Thell est un duo pop-indie-folk suédois que j’ai découvert après avoir regardé la vidéo de la chanson If I Say de Mumford and Sons.

J’ai discuté avec la chanteuse du duo suédois Maria James Smith.

Commentaire vu sous la vidéo If I Say de Mumford and Sons


  • Your new EP is named Telephone Wires. Why this title?

The idea for the concept of Telephone wires came after a night driving up the hills in Los Angeles. We saw the telephone wires swirling up the roads connecting every house and spreading out across the gigantic city. There’s a wire leading to everyone.

The feeling of being so connected, yet having such a hard time communicating with some people gave birth to the song.

« There’s a wire leading to everyone»
  • In the song Alice,what is the main message behind this song?

This song is written to one of the people we love most in the world, my (Mary Jane’s) sister Alice. We lost both our parents at a young age and has always just had each other, so she means the world to me. The song is about encouraging her to make mistakes and not worry too much about tomorrow. 

  • In the song Santa Barbara, is it a homage to the city? 

All the songs on this EP is about long distance relationships and being away from home. One day in between writing we took a day of for a road trip away from LA and drove to Santa Barbara. Sometimes it’s nice to just look out a car window and let the thoughts run free. While driving we saw a road sign saying ‘Purple Heart Trail’ mysteriously pointing away from the big town, like a little hint of that there is a new place waiting for those that got their hearts beaten up in the city of angels. So you could call the song a homage to the city and the memories it left us with after this day. 

  • What are your inspirations for writing? 

All our songs are little stories from our lives, if we don’t feel like we have anything to write about we don’t write. We never force songs and go into the studio and say let’s make a banger.

Our first album was reflections of childhood, an album aiming for relief after the loss of loved ones in our lives. Telephone Wires is about the difficulties communicating in the present time. Usually inspiration comes to us when it’s not the best timing. In the grocery store, while were supposed to finish another song, or in a meeting with some stiff bank person. Now a days we don’t care anymore. We just pick up the Voice Memos and sing out ideas where ever.

  • How does your creative process work? Do you have a routine for creating your musical projects? 

It usually starts with just lyrics or a melody. Many times without chords at first. If the lyrics and melody is strong by itself, we give them a house, a production. 

  • Smith and Thell are working on a new album.


  • Any tour coming soon? A visit to Canada? 

The tour is being planned at the moment. We really hope to go to more places in Europe and also America and Canada, we just signed a US deal with Arista so it might not be too far away.

Smith and Thell

  • Who is Smith and Thell? 

We are Mary Jane Smith & Victor Thell, two restless creative souls that met at a rock club in our hometown Helsingborg in the Southern part of Sweden.

An indie girl and a pop-guy mashing their brains together into what we hope sounds like a big nice mess. 

  • What is the message you want people to get from your songs?

There are many messages, but the nerve in our music we believe is the sadness and joy we’ve been through in life merged together. We often use heartbreaking sad lyrics on an upbeat major production. I guess cause we’re very up and down emotionally. Laughing and crying at the same time kind of people. 

  • What is your purpose for creating music? 

To get shit out of our system. When a song after finishing it sounds just like how we felt, the emotion we were carrying before kind of neutralises in our souls as well. If that makes sense. 

  • What are your musical inspirations?

We don’t listen to just one specific genre, it always comes down to great songs and great lyrics. It can be a heavy metal song or a cheesy old banger. 

An artist that has been an inspiration to me is Alanis Morisette, and these days I’m very much into Bon Iver, he’s productions are like folky robot mozart on crack and i just love he’s brain so much. Victor started of as a drummer so he loves stuff with an interesting groove and when he started of he actually listened a lot to Toto believe it or not.

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  1. Je connais ce groupe depuis un petit peu plus d’un an grâce au chanteur suédois Darin (que je suis depuis 2008 😉)

    1. Je ne connais pas Darin! Je vais aller découvrir ce qu’il fait. Est-ce que son style musical ressemble à celui de Smith and Thell?

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