Une conversation avec Charlotte

Charlotte, dont la voix ressemble à celles de Emili Sandé x Elli Ingram x Jessie Reyez est une chanteuse anglaise qui fait de la musique r&b/soul.Son plus récent EP, Nowhere To Hide, comporte 4 chansons.

Une de mes chansons favorites est I Tell Lies pour sa voix, les paroles et le rythme.

J’ai discuté avec l’artiste anglaise pour avoir plus d’informations sur son processus créatif, ses inspirations musicales et l’inspiration pour son plus récent projet.

EP : Nowhere to Hide

  • Your EP is named Nowhere to Hide, why this title?

It has a couple of different meanings to me. In a literal sense it’s about the four songs on the EP being so baring. I’m not withholding any secrets, I’m putting all of my feelings out in the open and giving myself nowhere to hide. It’s a lyric in the first song ‘I Tell Lies’. In that song it’s more about feeling the side effects of being an outgoing character that people expect positivity and high energy from 24/7. Those days when you don’t feel great and you want to blend into the background but feel like you’ll let people down if you do… that makes me feel like there’s nowhere to hide. 

What is/are the main themes of your EP?

The four songs are about the some of the most significant things I’ve felt and experienced whilst growing up. Self esteem, loneliness, trying and failing at relationships and probably trying and failing to be a fully functioning adult haha. 

  •  What is the main message behind the song Nervous ?

I guess in a general sense, it’s my attempt at trying to articulate that almost indescribable feeling between two people who have a connection. Even when things go wrong and you know you can’t be together, you still get that weird feeling in your stomach when you see them/hear their name. There’s a bit more to the story of the song than that though, as it’s also about me screwing something good up. 

  • In the song Just Me, while listening to the song, I thought of the words authenticity, truth and love. What does it mean to you?

To me it means self acceptance. I’ve been so so hard on myself growing up. I really closed myself off from dealing with emotions and, in hindsight, probably shut a lot of other people out as well. I’m trying to learn to be kinder to myself and more open with others. 

Création et écriture des chansons

What are your inspirations for writing?

 Life. Everything that that happens to me, even things that might seem insignificant. Occasionally other people’s stories but most of the time it’s biographical. 

How does your creative process work? Do you have a routine for creating your musical project?

I don’t have a routine for writing. I have to constantly change up how I create to keep it fresh and to bring out new ideas. But most good songs of mine start from a pretty deep conversation and grow from there. 


• Are you working on an album?

I’m constantly writing and building my next projects. I have songs that I have in mind for my album and am therefore saving. I think I’ll put out at least one more EP before I release an album though. 


Who is Charlotte?

I’m from Hull, East Yorkshire in the North East of England. I’m 21. My best mate is my dog Mabel and I spend most of my time snacking. 

When did you realize you wanted to become a singer?

I watched my grandparents perform from being a baby so I think I decided pretty early on that I was going to do the same. 

What is the message you want people to get from your songs?

I don’t really think it’s my place to decide what people take from the songs. I just hope that people can find themselves within them and relate in some way. 

What is your purpose for creating music?

 First and foremost it’s my way of processing and making sense of the things that happen in my life. I’m not going to pretend that I’m doing it for the greater good but when people relate to what I write about it definitely encourages me to continue being open and honest. 

Who are your musical inspirations?

 My grandparents. Old soul greats like Aretha, Otis, Luther and Stevie. I could go on forever listing artists that inspire me as I listen to a lot of music but everything that’s on my Spotify playlist ‘In My Ears’ is what has been inspiring me recently.

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  1. J’adore sa voix!!! Elle sort vraiment de l’ordinaire. Merci pour cette belle découverte!!!

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