Une conversation avec Morgan-Paige Melbourne

L’artiste et pianiste Morgan-Paige Melbourne canadienne a un nouvel EP nommé, Dear Serenity. Elle a partagé avec l’Écran Géant son parcours musical, ses inspirations et son histoire.

Who is Morgan ?

  • A classically trained pianist
  • Contemporary/alternative
  • Love experimenting on different styles
  • Adventures in the art world
  • Exploration

What does piano represent to you?

  • It’s a voice.
  • When Morgan was young she was having trouble expressing herself. She was going trough a difficult time (discrimination, bullying, trying to find herself). She wasn’t able to talk about it. Her piano was her safety net.
  • Piano is her way to express herself (how to say thing without words).
  •  She comes from a musical household. One of her family church friend gave the family a piano. After, Morgan started taking classes. She was drawn to it.
  • At 13-14 years old, she took it more seriously (pursue as a career) because she didn’t see anyone who looked like her.
  • She was introduced to different artists like Hazel Scott, Jessye Norman, Nina Simone.

What is your musical path ? Musical career ?

  • It took her a long time to build a reputation and have respect when she was competing.
  • 18-19 years old people were realizing that she was not going anywhere. Today, she still faces discrimination.
  • She chooses the projects she wants to work on.
  • She has her own safe space .
  • Within the classical world things are changing. It took a lot of time.
  • There are organizations who focused on musical programs for black youth. For example, there’s one in Chicago that is very popular,

Sistema : a program for youth in troubled homes. There’s a great number of BIPOC students. It’s also known as El Sistema and it began in Venezuela over 30 years good. There are a lot of sister organizations in the world. This program provides free music to impoverished people (Sistema Canada, Sistema USA, Sistema Europe).

Musical inspirations

«  Whoever follows their path. »

Morgan-Paige Melbourne
  • Writing: Morgan listens to everything.
  • She loves metal music. It fuses multiple genres and she likes tthe way it brings different sounds together.
  • She loves heavy orchestrated music.
  • Music: Une Misère – a musical band from Iceland, 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B.
  • This decade: alternative, pop, folk music
  • Hans Zimmer is one her inspiration. The 3 soundtracks she likes from him are The Roma (short film), Prince of Egypt and Wonderwoman.

«  I found inspiration from whoever i’m listening to at the moment. »

-Morgan-Paige Melbourne

EP – Dear Serenity : If you would write a letter to serenity , what would write or tell her ? 

  •  Try to find a sense of hope in times of uncertainty in difficult times.
  • Letter: it would be a letter to yourself. She would would write: where do you see this going? what would happen to me or to you after dealing with all of this? What’s next? What is the next chapter? Is there a chance for something good to come about? 
  • It took her 2 months to create the project.

Creative process

«  My writing is the strongest when I’m going through something. »

-Morgan-Paige Melbourne
  • Personal : she takes her time and doesn’t want to force it.
  • Instrumental : she plays with the melodies that come to her head.
  • Short films & Silent films : she likes working with different sounds and musical styles.
  • Songwriting : she starts with a poem or if there’s a melody she can start writing. Poetry is the starting point for her. It depends on the moment.

Messages in songs

  • Everything ties together no matter what is she is doing.
  • Dear Serenity : finding your way through a lot of darkness that is going on in your head. It’s a never ending journey. Heaviness in the mind space. It’s part of our human nature.
  • Instrumental : showing the truth of the matter and to find me in an authentic manner.

Future projects

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